Raspberry Pi Sensor Device

You will create a sensor device based on Raspberry Pi 4 board capable to send online data of pollution to this website. You can find information of how to do it in MOOC courses available (coursera, edx, miriadax, futurelearn, udemy, etc). You will use:

  • a Raspberry Pi 4 board (keyboard, mouse, HDMI screen)
  • jumper wires
  • enviro+ board for temperature and measurements
  • PMS5003 particulate matter sensor
  • some codes in Python available at github from Pimoroni company
  • some server side knowledge
  • some relational or not relational database management capabilities
  • some basic linux commands
  • full control of a domain (e.g. this one)
Enviro+ board for Raspberry Pi with: BME280 temperature, pressure, humidity sensor (datasheet), LTR-559 light and proximity sensorĀ (datasheet), MICS6814 analog gas sensorĀ (datasheet), ADS1015 analog to digital converter (ADC) (datasheet), MEMS microphone (datasheet), 0.96″ colour LCD (160×80), Connector for particulate matter (PM) sensor*, pHAT-format board
Raspberry Pi 4 board

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