Augmented reality Simplelite

A simple example of NyAR4psg ( augmented reality library) CODE + folder data (patt.hiro, patt.kanji, camera_para.dat)+ folder code (NyARpsg.jar, NyARToolkit.jar) /** NyARToolkit for proce55ing/1.0.0 (c)2008-2011 nyatla airmail(at) 最も短いARToolKitのコードです。 Hiroマーカを用意してください。 This sample program is most small sample as simpleLite. The marker is “patt.hiro”. */ import codeanticode.gsvideo.*; import jp.nyatla.nyar4psg.*; GSCapture cam; MultiMarker nya; void setup() { size(640,480,P3D); colorMode(RGB, 100); println(MultiMarker.VERSION); cam=new GSCapture(this,640,480); cam.start(); nya=new MultiMarker(this,width,height,”camera_para.dat”,NyAR4PsgConfig.CONFIG_PSG); nya.addARMarker(“patt.hiro”,80); } void draw() { if (cam.available() !=true) { return; }; nya.detect(cam); background(0); nya.drawBackground(cam);//frustumを考慮した背景描画 if((!nya.isExistMarker(0))){ return; } nya.beginTransform(0); fill(0,0,255); translate(0,0,20); box(40); nya.endTransform(); }

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